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REDO: renovation & home decor in Sardinia

For over 30 years we have one goal: to take care of every detail that transforms the concept of home living in ultimate expression of comfort and elegance . We specialize in planning and design to offer a complete service in Costa Smeralda, and in the whole island, from the construction of new spaces to the revaluation and furnishing of existing ones with interior decor made of exclusive brands. With us you can count on a qualified team to carry out high-quality restructuring and furnishing of luxury living spaces, for villas and apartments who want a unique stylish design.

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New products on display in our showroom


Moon Gola

On the rocks

The Baxter collection on display by REDO - Dealer in Sardinia

When talking about Baxter, we talk about quality. All Baxter products are handmade in Baxter's warehouses, with the exception of some typical craft creations fr...


What's New in 2017: the Modulnova Twenty kitchen arrived in our showroom

The brainchild of designer Andrea Bassanello, Modulnova created the series of Twenty kitchens. This series is distinguished by its strong character, showcased by fine...

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