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From the experience of two great companies comes a collaboration to promote interior design in Sardinia.

REDO began in Olbia with the goal of becoming the first major design showroom in Sardinia. From interior design experts with the desire to promote the taste for interior design, to making available quality furnishings, the new REDO space will offer selected furniture products, working in partnership with one of the several significant design companies in Italy, Marcarino Arradamenti of Alba, in Piedmont.

Marcarino Arredamenti was founded in the 1930s as a furniture workshop. Later, in the 1960s, more contemporary designs were added with the help of architects and designers.

Marcarino Arredamenti has over 80 years of experience during which various market challenges were faced, responding to customers’ diverse and constantly changing needs.

In addition to selling, Marcarino offers its expertise for consultancy in designing all rooms, from the kitchen to the bathroom, from the living area to the bedroom, solutions for boys’ bedrooms, gardens, doors, furniture and offices.

The furniture offered by Marcarino Arredamenti, now also available in Sardinia, are not simple furnishings but of applied art items, appreciated throughout the world. REDO offers a large selection of unique designs and trendy products for furnishing of all household rooms, including gardens and outdoor spaces.

A special selection of choices is given to meet the needs of contemporary residences and villas in Costa Smeralda, hotels and luxury resorts.

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