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Our REDO Showroom aims to be unique in all of Sardinia, and it does so by offering customers of the Costa Smeralda and beyond, furniture products from the highly refined Made in Italy. Thanks to the partnership with Marcarino Arredamenti, one of the largest interior design firms in Italy, REDO can boast the most successful brands worldwide:

Specialists in interior design

REDO is not limited to offering the latest trends, but guides designers and customers to the realization of their interior dreams from advice by Marcarino Arredamenti, which now has over 80 years of experience and can help you with the realization of your projects.

REDO, alongside the designer and the customer will:

Redo e Marcarino

Interact with your next furniture

We’re not just a furniture store, but a company actively dedicated to the most exclusive design research. We will follow you step-by-step during your visit to our store, we will satisfy all your needs, but above all we will give you the unique opportunity to have all of the samples and to know immediately the materials, colors, textures and sizes of your future furniture.

If you are looking for a design product, if you want to decorate your living space with unique furnishings or if you are simply fascinated by the brands handled in our showroom, call us, send us an email or fill out the form to book an appointment.

Below are some of our products: